Clean Energy Program

Solar Energy Products Distribution & Financing

DCBS has over the past 5 years played a proactive role in promoting and financing clean energy products in its operational areas.

Through training programs to develop clean energy entrepreneurs, to building partnership with the best in class product manufacturers and financing of clean energy products, DCBS has sought to keep its commitment to ensuing a sustainable development model in rural areas.

Clean energy products like solar lighting systems has helped the common people to overcome the energy deficit cause by frequent disruption in electricity services, DCBS has also attempted to introduce low smoke cooking solutions and will continue to strive to fulfill its objective.

The Energy entrepreneurs developed by DCBS by providing them with training, access to quality products and financing the end user , have profited greatly and in the process helped to significantly increase the uptake of solar energy products in the villages amongst the undeserved.


Smokeless Cook Stove Workshop

In the rural areas the women use cow-dung cake and wood as fuel which creates environmental pollution and disease of Eye and lungs due to release of carbon particles.

In order to protect them from this pollution DCBS arranged to distribute Cook Stove at a concessional rate in collaboration with some Cook Stove company Viz..TERI.