P. Satish

Executive Director Sa-Dhan The Association of Community Development Finance Institutions, New Delhi

The mainstream banking sector has been exposed to severe stress and strain in the year 2017-18 on account of stressed assets as also a series of adverse incidents. The flow of fresh credit, especially to the deprived sections of the population has slowed down considerably. In contrast, the microfinance sector in India has bounced back to normalcy after demonetization and the subsequent developments. The sector witnessed a healthy growth in the year 2017-18. DCBS is a growing and developing MFI working in the Eastern Region of our country, more particularly, in West Bengal and Bihar. Unlike many MFIs which focus only on credit DCBS has a strong social outlook and strives for the all-round development of its clients. Its credit plus activities are a boon to the people living below the poverty line.Its activities are bringing the poor and downtrodden families into the fold of financial inclusion and are enabling them to pursue meaningful economic activities. DCBS has rolled out a number of capacity building programmes for people in its area of operations in collaboration with various organisations. The DCBS team is fortunate to be led by its young and energetic CEO, Mr Animesh Naiya whose vision is to foster sustainable development through financial empowerment. DCBS is a valued member of Sa-Dhan and we at Sa-Dhan cherish our close association with them and wish the DCBS team lead by Mr Animesh Naiya all success in their future endeavours.