The Story of Debi Rani Halder

Debi Rani Halder is a student of the Ready Made Garmment Training Program. She is 45 years old and lives in the village of Dhosa in South 24 pgns (West Bengal). She is married and is the mther of 2 children.

Debi Rani started a tailoring shop on the ground floor of her house after completon of the 1 year course at the Ready Made Garment Training center run by DCBS in 2014. She took out a small loan from DCBS to start her enterprise.

We are delighted to say that now she is now complelty independednt and is able to fully support her children’s education and other fmily cost. In fact she has recently been able to contribute money as capital towards he husband’s business.

She is now looking to further grow her shop and employ more girls as assistants in order to acter to the growing demand.